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PE Shrink Film, which is used in the industrial field and in many sectors, is a healthy, practical and economical packaging form of products. PE Shrink Film is used for the purpose of packaging the product by heat treatment of the film wrapped in parcels, packages or stacked products.

It is produced in rolls and is transparent and flexible.

✓ It is an economical packaging solution,
✓ It is flexible, so it wraps the product according to its shape,
✓ Gives shine and transparency to the product,
✓ It ensures that the product is kept in a tidy condition,
✓ Strengthens product presentation,
✓ Provides convenience in transport,
✓ Extends shelf life.

Industrial PE Rolls are also widely used for wrapping, covering, preserving and bagging purposes in the industrial field without being subjected to the heat treatment process.

Industrial PE Roll types are shown in the picture.

Standard Products

Thickness (mic)Width (m)

*It is possible to produce in different thicknesses and widths with special additives upon request.