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Laying the Film

  • The film should be taken during cool hours of the day, preferably in a windless weather.
  • The film should be stretched properly, excessive stretching and loosening should be avoided.
  • In case of an accidental tear or hole during the laying of the film, use the specially prepared for greenhouse films.
    greenhouse repair tape should be used.
  • After the film is laid, it should be stretched again after warming up.
  • The film that will not be used should not be exposed to the open and sun, it should be wrapped and stored in its own packaging again.

Along with the label of the roll, 1 m2 film should be kept as a witness sample so that the product information-date-time information can be clearly read on the marking.

Life of the Film

  • The warranty starts from the invoice date if the products are shipped directly to the end user.
  • The warranty starts one month after the invoice date if the products are sent to the dealer/distributor.
  • The warranty period starts according to the conditions stated above and ends when the guaranteed life of the film expires.
  • As stated above, greenhouse films contain protection against degradation caused by sunlight.
  • According to extensive researches; UV stabilisers used in greenhouse films are rendered non-functional by some chemicals used for plant protection in greenhouses and as a result, early degradation occurs. For this reason, the use of sulphur, bromine, chlorine, fluorine containing pesticides and petroleum based chemicals should be avoided as much as possible. Care should be taken to ensure that the chemicals and plants used do not come into contact with the film. Deterioration due to such drugs is not covered by the warranty.

User Manual

Greenhouse covers produced by İleri Plastik are guaranteed against degradation caused by “UV rays from the sun” for the lifetime specified on the product if the transport, storage and usage conditions described below are complied with.

Transport and Storage Conditions

  • Be very careful when loading/unloading the rolls, the rolls should not be carried by pulling or dragging on the floor.
  • Rolls should be stored in their original packaging in a dry and cool place out of the sun.
  • Rolls should be stored horizontally on a smooth and clean floor.
  • Storage period should not exceed 6 months.
  • Before unloading, the products should be checked, any non-conformity should be detected with a photograph and reported to İleri Plasti immediately.
  • It should be checked that the incoming products are the requested products and have the specified specifications.

Terms of Use

  • All surfaces where the film will come into contact with the greenhouse frame should be painted with water-based white paint. Petroleum based paint should NOT be used. Film should not be laid on rusty skeleton as it will cause early deterioration.
  • Care should be taken not to have any predatory, cutting, abrasive structure on the greenhouse skeleton.
  • The film should not be in direct contact with PVC parts on the greenhouse in any way.
  • Greenhouse skeleton should not be black or dark colour in any way. There should not be any chemical residues (oil, drug residues, etc.) on the skeleton.
  • If the greenhouse frame is made of wood, make sure that the surfaces are smooth. Care should be taken to ensure that the skeleton is not a resinous wood, and wood preservative chemicals (pitch, petroleum-based preservatives, sulphurous solutions, etc.) should NOT be used on the wooden skeleton. Film should not be laid on the skeleton where such chemicals are used.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that there are no cutting, piercing, abrasive substances where the film is opened.