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Vegetable Bag

It is used for storing and transporting vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, aubergine without being affected by external factors.

It is an economical packaging material with a flexible structure thanks to its transparent and high mechanical properties.

It can be perforated and optionally produced with AntiFog additive that prevents fogging and sweating inside the bag after packaging.

Vegetable bags are generally produced in widths between 40cm and 60 cm and thicknesses between 45-55 microns.

Banana Bag

It is used in the box and ensures that bananas are not affected by external factors during transport and storage.

Banana bags are produced as single layer 21micron thick and transparent.
After packaging, AntiFog additive, which prevents fogging and sweating inside the bag, is used as standard.

Fresh Storage Bag

It is a bag that prevents fruits, vegetables and flowers from spoiling in a short time after harvest and preserves their freshness.

It keeps the fruits, vegetables and flowers fresh and prevents the formation of odour.

It is a product developed to extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and especially flowers and to ensure that they do not lose their freshness during shipment over long distances.